Monday, April 16, 2012

There will be peaches

I planted a couple of peach trees last year, and would you ever guess that they're producing fruit in their 2nd year? I sure wouldn't..... But, it's the truth. Oh well, I'll take anything I can get.


  1. Are you letting them keep the fruit? I've lost both nectarine and peach because I let them keep fruit on 2nd year and they were too weak and didn't make it through winter. Now we're striping all trees for at least first 3 years to make sure they are strong enough.

  2. I heavily pruned my peach trees after they blossomed. One seemed big enough to actually fruit well. But I wanted the branches to go a different way so they got pruned way back. I'm sure I won't get fruit. But hey its just their second year so I'm fine with it.

  3. I'd cheat and let a few of them mature :-) I'm one who feels if the good Lord didn't want them to grow fruit, He wouldn't have given them blossoms, but I'd thin the fruit out to just give me a few to enjoy.

  4. Everyone, I normally just worry about good root growth during the first couple of years, but will likely allow 10 fruit on each tree to reach maturity. Really deep watering every 10-14 days should help them get through the winter, Jenny

    1. that winter all trees (and everything else) was in 3 feet of snow from November till March. :(