Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beating the elements

The temperature read 31 this morning when I awoke, but thankfully The protection provided last night for the garden kept everything alive and well. Here are the cucumbers.......


  1. Good! I fuss when it drops to 32, but I really worry if it drops to 28. Pretty much everything is toast at that temperature.

    Your cucumbers are sure looking good.

  2. I'm glad they live through it all. Last night we only hit 40. Right now I'm really worried about possible warm temps. But they might not get here. All the things growing in my garden right now are cool weather crops. If it hits 88 (one forecast) then they will struggle. If it hits 70 (another forecast) then things are fine. The weather swings have been so hard on the plants this year. And the day that is predicted to be 88 is the day of the Boston Marathon. I'm sure they are looking forward to hot weather even less than I am.

  3. Glad all is well. It is amazing what can survive a frost when protected.