Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One compost pile

It's taken 6 months and constant attention, but the contents of two large compost systems is now contained within one.

Before mounding this pile over, it was packed very tightly and watered well over the previous month.

Next spring, this will be about 200 cubic feet of completely finished compost that should last me between 3-5 years in the garden. Now, I can finally rebuild the other bins......Yay!


  1. Congrats on your diligent work! I am one lazy composter!!

  2. Impressive pile and will be wonderful compost for next year! I do composting from kitchen leftovers and some dry leafs in fall but it's never enough for full garden so need to get more compost delivered (again).

  3. I'm not lazy, but have back problems.... Anyway, this is going to be a joy to use over the next several years.

  4. I only dream of making enough for my garden. At my last house I could make enough as the yard was bigger (lots of grass clippings) and my garden was half the size. Here I have to supplement.