Saturday, April 21, 2012


They've began running finally,  and I've started helping the tendrils make their way to the wire baskets so that vertical growth can take place.

The onions to the left are also beginning to flower, and will be harvested very soon. Sadly, no nice bulbs have formed - despite the fact that heavy applications of nitrogen have taken place over the past month.


  1. I haven't even thought of cukes yet. This coming week is predicted to have 30s for the lows. So no warm weather crops yet. I did finish putting out the rest of my cooler season crops. Finally. It was too hot to put them out before.

  2. interesting way of growing cucumbers on wires - have to try it as it will save me some space. And you don't have to harvest onions yet - just break off flower stalks if they start coming out and let bulb form for a bit longer. I don't harvest my onions until august.

  3. Daphne - we completely skipped cool weather crop growing season

    Jenny - I always pinch off the flowers buds at the beginning, but then usually just pull them after a few weeks. However, I'll let them go as long as possible this time - as you suggest. Thanks.

  4. I'll have to get my cucumbers planted soon, as they are getting awfully large for their cups. The weather forecast looks pretty good, but we're supposed to go from the 70s, up to the high 80s, then plunge back down into the 60s. I can't count on the nights staying above 45F yet, and it could actually still freeze. I hope not, I've taken a chance and planted a few warm season crops.