Monday, April 23, 2012

First time for apples

The apple trees are in their 4th year now, I think - and will finally produce a crop, it appears. Nothing remarkable - maybe around 20 or so fruit in all. But hey - that's a big deal to me.......Anyway,  here's one of them forming.....


  1. awesome! i still have 2 yrs to wait for mine but it will get there :)

  2. I guess I have 2 more years to go then too. One of them is a Honey Crisp though and it is such a slow grower. The Ginger Gold just took off after it was planted, but the Honey Crisp has just sat that.

  3. Very exciting! Our apple trees are just beginning to leaf out. Hopefully we can stay on a spray schedule this year. It's sad to have so much fruit go to waste.