Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Squash in containers

I'm growing several summer squash plants this year - 9 total, and will simply give most of the harvest away to friends and family as it comes in.  Of these, 3 will be grown in large containers - as seen in the photo above. It should be an interesting location for the squashbugs to congregate later.....


  1. I'll be growing my butternut squash in a half barrel container this year. I have that really woody area in the garden, where we can't dig, so it's a good spot for the vines to sprawl. I tried to find Delicata squash seeds today, but three stores selling four brands of seeds didn't have it.

  2. Wow. 9 summer squash is a huge number. I think I'm planting four this year. I'll still get way too much. Even giving some to my neighbors.

  3. My first go with a potted garden this year. First garden in fact. I'll be using an old bath tub for the squash. Do you think I could fit 3? 4? I'll be fillibg the bottom with rocks and what not. How deep do I need to leave it?

    1. For an old bathtub, I would plant No more than 4, and only put about 3" of large gravel in the bottom.