Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making sweet potato slips for this year

Around the middle of March it's time to suspend a sweet potato in a jar filled with water so that homemade slips can be grown for the summer garden. Four toothpicks keep it in place, and with the water being changed weekly - produces nice slips in about 45 days. This one is well on it's way to doing just that, it would seem.....


  1. I really need to try growing sweet potatoes this year. Maybe I will start a couple this week.

  2. I've got some sweet potatoes for the very first time on my windowsill. They are more of a challenge in the North, but since I can't grow tomatoes and peppers this year, I needed something to fill in the spot and give me some good harvests. And I love sweet potatoes. So of course I'm overdoing it. I'm planting the whole circle garden (60+sqft) with them. I figure I'll have to get at least a few that way. And the circle garden is bricked with the brick path going around. It ought to help make it hotter.

  3. OK, which end of the sweet potato goes in the water? Or does it matter? I grew gorgeous plants one year, but didn't snap off and plant the slips. I'd have room to try them this year I think.

    1. It matters.....pointy end go in the water. :)

  4. I want to try sweet potatoes this year as well. Until recently, I didn't think they would grow well here, but people are succeeding. About 45 days to produce slips. Good to know for when I need to source a grocery store potato and start my slips. I only want to try a few.