Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corn is doing well

Thankfully, the squirrels haven't dug any up yet, either. Although, there's signs of their mischief elsewhere in the garden. You would think that Jude would patrol this area since being turned free, but apparently not......big butthead.


  1. I planted my onions a couple of days ago and the cats dug one up. Those cats drive me crazy. I have to cover everything.

  2. My seed grown onions are a bust. I planted tiny toothpick sized seedlings, but I don't expect them to do much. These were from the seeds I planted in Feb (or was it Jan?), when one entire packet failed to germinate. Although the others probably had about a 50% germination rate, only about 30-40 of the 90 or so were worth planting. Thankfully, I still have my Walla Walla sweets.

  3. I just HATE those Dang Squirrels!! I have to protect everything from them when first planted. I think that Jude better get moving on those squirrels!