Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fourth harvest of squash

Yep, this is the fourth one of this size already,  and all four have been given away to friends and family. But, this one has cucumbers included * which is a new addition. Anyway,  just wanted to let everyone know that stuff was getting harvested, and I know that Granny is salivating right now.......

*Please disregard the anatomically correct yellow squash!!!! Haha.....


  1. Well, you certainly have one interesting looking squash there! I think it belongs to Joe the Plumber!

  2. Robin - it's definitely messed up! Haha.....

    1. You know how those plumbers are....they always have their crack showing!

  3. I can't wait for my first cukes. I so love them. Much more the squash. I can eat so many in a week.

  4. I'm only slobbering over the yellow squash. I can take or leave the zukes, and I don't like cucumbers at all, unless they're pickles.

    Robin, that squash doesn't look like plumber's crack, it looks like the other side of the plumber's anatomy! LOL, Jeff has a lot of, cojones!

  5. Looks great! we only now just planted ours last weekend.